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Walls and ceilings are the pillars for the structural integrity of your property. In addition to durability and stability, drywall provides surfaces for you to design and decorate the interior of your property. Overall, drywall work is crucial and also requires craftsmanship. You will want to hire a team of dedicated drywall contractors to work for you, which means you will want to call our team of professionals here at Yakima Drywall Company. We are the leading experts in the region and are ready to provide you with customizable and reliable drywall services.

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Drywall is our entire professional career, and here at Yakima Drywall Company, we take all drywall work seriously. We know that the drywall work we do can complete the interior of a property, and we are ready to do what it takes to get the job done right for you. We have gone through all of the necessary training and educational programs to provide you with outstanding results. We are ready to get the work done for you and get it done to your satisfaction the first time!

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Our Services

Our wide range of drywall services will cover all of your needs for commercial properties and residential properties alike. Whether the drywall contractors can provide you with design drywall services or structural drywall services, we are ready to meet your needs and provide you with outstanding results. Also, as part of the customer service campaign, we provide you with flexible pricing on all our services. It is here that you will find the most affordable prices for customized and primary services.

Residential Drywall

We give you the perfect blank canvas to add the finishing touches to your dream home. We are a company with well-trained and trustworthy workers who will meet all of your needs. If you have questions such as, “how to patch drywall?” or “how to fix a hole in the wall?” you will not need to search the internet for a solution. Instead, you can give our caring customer service representative team a call. They will help you get expert help. No one does residential drywall installation or repair work better than us.

Commercial Drywall

Taping and Texturing

What are the different styles of drywall texture?

Drywall texture comes in various patterns, as well as weights that require different application techniques. These differences are an important part of creating a specific aesthetic and will give your home warmth and visual appeal. We offer a variety of drywall textures, including the most popular ones such as:

The comb drywall texture is favored and offers flexibility. It is suitable for almost any room and gives technicians the ability to get creative with the pattern. Professionals create the combed texture using a toothed trowel often in half-fans. This pattern is simple, easy to clean, and do repairs on.

It is a classic texturing finish that offers a timeless design on your walls. The approach is a great addition to walls that hold paintings and crafts. This texture is commonly paired with warm white lights and is often used to create drama. Professionals use a brush to create this texture artistically. This type of texturing is easy to paint on, and repairs are not as difficult.

As the name suggests, the orange peel drywall texture has a wrinkled surface similar to an orange peel. The texture has smooth, gentle curves that are easy to paint on and clean. It is a trendy choice in old homes and could spruce up your rooms. With professional help, your orange peel drywall texture will look effortlessly beautiful and unique. 

This texture mimics old-fashioned Spanish lace. It is commonly used on exterior walls, but if you want to create depth and warmth for your indoor walls, you can consider this texture. It is a smooth, delicate pattern that sees a water spray and a finishing knife. Our technicians can create this lovely texture quickly and skillfully.

Finally, the sand swirl finish is a simple but beautiful texture commonly used in modern homes. It is because it is easy to create and has a classy look. This texture is easy to clean, paint on, and repair. Our professionals use a medium or thick bristle brush to create this look. The soft strokes create enchanting lines that offer a calming design to the room. Sometimes, we will add sand and other non-toxic particles into the mud to create a bumpy texture. His texture is more distinctive and makes it a great place for displaying art and painting.

Whatever texture you choose, we are here to help with decisions and applications. It can be easy to get lost in the sea of options. Luckily, we are well-trained and educated in design and drywall textures. We will help you select the best surfaces for your ceiling and various walls in the house

Drywall Repair

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

What is the process after popcorn ceiling removal?

So you just got your popcorn ceiling removed? What happens next? Often clients want the answer to this before the removal. It is a typical concern, and we are happy to address it. Our team experts will present you with options before any scraping can start. Whether you want an aesthetic design or a new paint job, we can do it. Here is a fast and basic rundown of what happens after popcorn ceiling removal. After scraping, we clean the ceiling and leave it for 24 hours before starting any work. We give it this time to allow complete drying from the intense removal. For some places, we will wait more than 24 hours if the ceiling area is large. While it dries, we can discuss a good game plan for your ceiling based on the room, desires, and budget. Once the ceiling is dry, we can inspect it for damage. There could be underlying damage from regular wear and tear, as well as water damage. We are cautious when removing the popcorn ceiling so you can rest easy because we cause no additional damage. Before anything can happen to the ceiling, we do repairs. That way, whether it is a paint job or artwork, it will last longer and not show faults in the areas of damage.

Our repair process means using a drywall compound refined with other ingredients for a more durable hold. We are precise, and you will barely notice the cracks and fissures once we are done. We then let the compound rest for a few hours before expertly sanding it. Sanding will help to create a smooth surface for painting and other activities.

Next comes compound application to give the ceiling a fresh face, ready for decoration. Because we are efficient professionals, we will lay down some tarp, move furniture, and cover other areas to prevent staining and damage. It involves the walls because the last thing we would want you to do is call another painter to deal with the mess. For compound applications, we use the most effective methods that will save time. One such way is through a pump sprayer. The pump sprayer works quickly, and in the hands of qualified professionals, your ceiling will receive a smooth look and feel. Our experts will apply the compound effectively, ensuring that even the smallest spots receive adequate attention. From here, the technician will let it rest for 24 hours. Finally, it is time for priming, painting, and decorating the ceiling. Again, we will lay down some tarp to protect the floor, furniture, and walls. We use different painting methods but always try to use the most efficient one for your situation. We strive to stay true to your desired aesthetics, clean lines where two colors meet, and a smooth finish. After a quick inspection from you and the project manager, the technicians will clean up and leave you with your brand-new ceiling free from the unsightly popcorn design.

When you want to get rid of that nasty old popcorn ceiling, don’t waste your own valuable time. Instead, call our team. We will be able to get the work done in an orderly and non-destructive way and leave you no mess to boot! We also can re-texture your ceiling and give you a look you had pictured in your mind. Give us a call today for your personalized quote!

Acoustical and Fire Sealants

What Is Acoustical Sealant?

An acoustic sealant is a special caulk that absorbs sound and makes your room soundproof. It works because it easily adheres to different surfaces made from building materials, including wood, metal, concrete, and gypsum. It is a popular way of soundproofing because it is non-flammable, non-toxic, and water-based. It presents as a rubbery material that barely has an odor making it ideal for homes with children and people with allergies. It is also suitable for different seasons, proving to handle seasonal expansion and contractions well. When applied, it does not dry out, harden, nor shrink. This sealant will seal against the penetration of sound waves thanks to its characters as a permanently flexible material. With time, you never have to worry about shrinking and separation from the surfaces it is applied to. That is because it is very durable and long-lasting. We offer acoustic sealants in multiple applications, including taping, painting, and spackling. We do this at a competitive price per industry standards. Not sure where the acoustic sealant should go? No worries because the experts will guide you on this. Once you schedule an appointment with us, you can expect to receive the best advice about acoustical sealants. The experts will give you their opinions about your vision for this sealant. Also, if you have any questions about the sealant, you can address them with the experts before the application begins. Lastly, the professionals will give you helpful guidelines about taking care of acoustical sealants.

What Is Fire Sealant?

Fire sealants are used to seal small openings and gaps to prevent fire from spreading through to other walls, floors, and buildings. We use fire sealants to seal openings of 2 to 4 centimeters in diameter. It has proven to stop the spread of fire from one area to another. The sealant is ultimately beneficial in saving precious items and even preventing injury. The use of fire sealants is very common in commercial buildings. It is because commercial buildings have more floors and more people within the building. In the event of a fire, fire sealants will help to stop the spread. That will limit the number of people in danger when a fire breaks out. Also, because fire sealants help to seal the passageways for fire, you can expect less damage.

We use different types of fire sealants, but you are guaranteed at least a 4-hour fire rating. It is an excellent time to put out the fire. Our fire sealants are silicone, elastomeric, ablative, or intumescent. However, you do not have to worry about all these choices because our technicians will help you choose the right ones. They are highly qualified and trained to give you the best advice on this and more. Fire sealants will require re-application and maintenance, especially after a fire. You can look to us for these services. We are reliable and efficient. What’s more, our prices are competitive per industry standards, and we only use the highest-quality materials.

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